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Sikth - Death Of A Dead Day

Banda: Sikth
Album: Death Of A Dead Day
Ano: 2006
01. Bland Street Bloom
02. Flogging the Horses
03. Way beyond the Fond Old River
04. Summer Rain
05. In This Light
06. Sanguine Seas of Bigotry
07. Mermaid Slur
08. When the Moments gone
09. Part of the Friction
10. Where do we Fall
11. Another Sinking Ship
12. As the Earth Spins Around


Inhale Exhale - The Lost,The Sick,The Sacred

Segunda-feira, 14 de Janeiro de 2008

Banda: Inhale Exhale
Album: The Lost,The Sick,The Sacred
Ano: 2006
1. Redemption
2. By Grace
3. Frail Dreams And Rude Awakenings
4. Dance All Night5. A Call To The Faithful
6. Touch Of Deception
7. You Walls...My Words
8. Tonight We Die Together
9. Sons Of Tomorrow (To Noah James)
10. Rose Among The Ashes
11. The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred


Simplekill - Burn the Silence

Sexta-feira, 7 de Dezembro de 2007

Banda: Simplekill
Album: Burn the Silence
Ano: 2007
1. Another Compromise
2. Shutting Blinds and Locking Doors
3. Descending From Chance
4. Stay Away
5. Promising the World
6. The Joy
7. Sympathy (For All Your Liquids)
8. Interlude
9. Ruin the Light
10. Breathe Regret
11. Feel Again
12. Mourning a Change
13. Capturing the Absense


Threat Signal - Beyond Recognition

Quarta-feira, 28 de Novembro de 2007

Banda: Threat Signal
Ano: 2007-2008
Track List:
01. Beyond Recognition (Demo)



Sábado, 24 de Novembro de 2007

1 - Introduction
2 - End Ever
3 - The Reflection
4 - Pictured In The Lies
5 - Intermission
6 - Shadows (Of A Love)
7 - Scarlet Tears
8 - Fears
9 - Blank Track
10 - In Your Eyes


The Autumn Offering - Fear Will Cast No Shadow

Segunda-feira, 19 de Novembro de 2007

Banda: The Autumn Offering

Album: Fear Will Cast No Shadow
Ano: 2007
Track List:
1. From Atrophy To Obsession
2. The Castaway
3. Crown Yourself A King, Kill Yourself A Queen
4. Silence And Goodbye
5. All That Fails Around Us
6. A Great Distance
7. Your Time Is Mine
8. Fear Will Cast No Shadow
9. March Of The Clones
10. The Wolves At Your Door
11. Dystopiate

Questions - Fight For What You Believe

Terça-feira, 13 de Novembro de 2007

Banda: Questions
Album: Fight For What You Believe
Ano: 2007
01. Intro
02. Conscience
03. Feed The Machine
04. Justice
05. Servant
06. Forsaken Values
07. Hard Way
08. Never Back Down
09. Downfall
10. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (With Silvio Golfetti)
11. Loyal Front
12. Conscience (With Iggor Cavalera)

Sikth - Trees Are Dead and Dried Out Wait for Something Wild

Banda: Sikth
Album: Trees Are Dead and Dried Out Wait for Something Wild
Ano: 2003
01. Scent Of The Obscene
02. Pussyfoot
03. Hold My Finger
04. Skies Of Millennium Night
05. Emerson (Pt.1)
06. Peep Show
07. Wait For A Something Wild
08. Tupelo
09. Can't We All Dream
10. Emerson (Pt.2)
11. How May I Help You
12. (If You Weren't So) Perfect
13. Such The Fool
14. When Will the Forest Speak...?

Uriah - Letters In Blood

Banda: Uriah
Album: Letters in Blood
Ano: 2007
01. Redemption I Am
02. Letters in Blood David
03. Your Hands
04. Move
05. Parish
06. Follow Me
07. Cursed Road
08. Tales of the Forlorn
09. In this Victory
10. Postlude



Alto Teor de Revolta - Compartilhando a Miséria... Usufruindo o nada.

Segunda-feira, 12 de Novembro de 2007

Banda: Alto Teor de Revolta
Album: Compartilhando a Miséria... Usufruindo o nada.
Ano: 2007
01. Intro
02. Lágrimas
03. Guerra
04. Conflito
05. Qual o sentido da vida?
06. Terra
07. Sangue, suor e pedra*


Banda brasileira

Ill Niño - Hot Summer's Tragedy

Banda: Ill Niño
Album: Enigma
Ano: 2008
Track List:
02. Hot Summer's Tragedy


Demon Hunter - Storm The Gates Of Hell

Banda: Demon Hunter
Album: Storm The Gates Of Hell
Ano: 2007
Track List:
01. Storm The Gates Of Hell
02. Lead Us Home
03. Fading Away
04. A Thread Of Light
05. I Am You
06. Thorns
07. Follow The Wolves
08. Fiction Kingdom
09. The Wrath Of God


Bandas Semelhantes: ZAO, Living Sacrifice, Haste The Day

Last Sigh - You Worst Fears (Demo)

Banda: Last Sigh
Album: You Worst Fears (Demo)
Ano: 2007
Track List:
01. Before We Die
02. Advice For The End
03. When It Collapses


Bandas Semelhantes: Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Heaven Shall Burn
Obs.: Banda Brasileira.

Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings

Banda: Bring Me The Horizon
Album: Count Your Blessings
Ano: 2006
01. Pray For Plagues
02. Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick
03. Braile
04. A Lot Like Vegas
05. Black & Blue
06. Slow Dance
07. Liquor & Love Lost
08. (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa
09. 15 Fathoms, Counting
10. Off The Heezay


Bandas semelhantes: I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive, The Devil Wears Prada

Still Remains - Discografia

Album: Dying With a Smile [ep]
Ano: 2003
1. Dying with a Smile
2. The Task
3. San Juan
4. Change to Fall
5. Tied to a Machin


Album: I Love Was Born To Die [ep]
Ano: 2004
1. Six and One
2. Recovery
3. I Can Revive Him with my Own 4.Hands
5. The Task
6. Light through Skin
7. Untitled


Album: Of Love And Lunacy
Ano: 2005
1. To Live And Die By Fire
2. The Worst Is Yet To Come
3. In Place Of Hope
4. White Walls
5. Bliss
6. Cherished
7. With What You Have
8. Kelsey
9. Recovery
10. I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
11. Stare And Wonder
12. Blossom, The Witch


Album: The Serpent
Ano: 2007
1. The Serpent
2. The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room
3. Stay Captive
4. Anemia In Your Sheets
5. Maria
6. Dropped From the Cherry Tree
7. Dancing With The Enemy
8. The River Song
9. Sleepless Nights Alone
10. An Undesired Reunion
11. Avalanche


Bandas Semelhantes: It Dies Today, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Bleending Throught, Haste The Day

MyProof - Reason For My Justice

Banda: MyProof
Album: Reason For My Justice
Ano: 2006
01. Kill My Emotion
02. In The Name Of Justice
03. Keep For The Future
04. Reason For Tears
05. Goal Of The Day
06. Into A Dream
07. Infinite Heart
08. Time Machine
09. Amazing World
10. Flower Dance
11. Setting Sun
12. Night On The Planet


Bandas Semelhantes: Doomsday, Feast For The Crows, She Killerd Poetry, A Love Ends Suicide, Soulgate's Dawn

Doomsday - No Angel Wings

Banda: Doomsday
Album: No Angel Wings
Ano: 2006
1. Intro
2. Enthropy
3. Downspiral
4. Lack Of Compassion
5. My Heart Is Stone
6. Gabriael (Tears From The Sky)
7. Final Days
8. Last Crusade
9. Sworn To Justice
10. Hope For Salvatio


Bandas Semelhantes:
Feast For The Crows, Machinemade God, As We Fight, Burn In Silence, A Traitor Like Judas

As We Fight - Midnight Tornado

Segunda-feira, 1 de Outubro de 2007

Banda: As We Fight
Album: Midnight Tornado
Ano: 2006
01. Escaping the Poisoned Hands of Despair
02. Where Eagles Turn
03. Dead End Streets
04. Standing at the Gates of Failure
05. Coldhearted
06. Breathe the Disease
07. Annihilation
08. Left in Torment
09. Slay the Firstborn
10. Orchestra of Death
11. Path of the Dead
12. This Fuck You Is My Last Goodbye


Bandas semelhantes: Caliban, Maroon, Heaven Shall Burn

Bullet For My Valentine

Banda: Bullet For My Valentine
The Poison ( Deluxe Edition)
Track List:
1. "Intro" (features Apocalyptica)
2. "Her Voice Resides"
3. "4 Words (To Choke Upon)" (Previously released on Hand of Blood EP)
4. "Tears Don't Fall"
5. "Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)"
6. "Hit the Floor"
7. "All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)"
8. "Room 409"
9. "The Poison"
10. "10 Years Today"
11. "Cries in Vain" Bullet for My Valentine and Hand of Blood EPs)
12. "Spit You Out"
13. "The End"
14. 7 Days
15. My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars (Includes a sample of the song Breathe Life by Killswitch Engage)
16. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica Cover)
17. Tears Don't Fall (Acoustic Version)


Banda: Bullet For My Valentine
Suffocating Under Words.. (What Can I Do)
Track List:
1. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do)
2. Spit You Out (Live)


Banda: Bullet For My Valentine
Album: Bullet for my Valentine
Ano: 2004
Track List:
01 Hand Of Blood
02 Cries In Vain
03 Curses
04 No Control
05 Just Another Star


Bandas Semelhantes: Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu

Steryle - Severance

Banda: Steryle
Album: Severance
Ano: 2007
01. Introduction
02. End Ever
03. The Reflection
04. Pictured In The Lies
05. Intermission
06. Shadows (Of A Love)
07. Scarlet Tears
08. Fears
09. Blank Track
10. In Your Eyes

Bandas semelhantes: It Dies Today, All That Remains

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